Sautéed Green Beans – Chinese Restaurant Style

One of my favorite take-out dishes is spicy sautéed string beans or green beans, but every time I order it, I cringe because I know those innocent healthy beans have been doused in oil and what should be a healthy choice is probably just as bad as General Tsao’s chicken.  I’ve been craving those beans for a while so when I received a huge bag of green beans as part of my food co-op, I thought the time is now to make them on my own.

And they were good!

I looked for a recipe but everything was either deep fried (confirming my fears) or sounded bland.  I wanted that spicy bite, but without the grease.  I ended up making up the recipe below.  The beans were great, and lasted for a few days … much like take out.  I’ve also tried this with other green vegatables, like broccoli, and it has worked well.

About 1 – 1.5 pounds of green beans, washed, ends removed

Sesame seeds

1 TBSP each, olive oil and butter

3 cloves of garlic, minced

3-4 TBSP of soy sauce, I used the “lite” or low sodium sauce

1-2 TBSP of Sirachi sauce, add more or less to taste

2-3 TBSP of Goyza dipping sauce (from Trader Joe’s)

Mix bottom three ingredients in a small bowl.  Heat butter and oil in large pan, add garlic and sauté for a few minutes.  Add green beans and mixed liquid.  Cover and cook until the beans soften, about 10 -15 minutes. Personally, it was hard for me to let it cook this along, I am definitely more of a “crisp” girl, but I wanted it to be more like the restaurant style  Sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve warm.

Note:  if I made this again and had either chili oil or sesame oil I would use that.  I also would consider a few shakes of red pepper to turn the heat up a bit more if you like it hotter.



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For the past two years, I've been working more than full-time while getting my MBA. Now, that graduation has come and gone, I want to indulge in two of passions - cooking and entertaining.
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