Raising the Bar

Since I finished graduate school one of my (many) goals was to raise the bar on my day-to-day eating habits.  While in school, I got a little lazy.  It was not so much that I was not eating healthy, I was just going for fast and easy.  Almost every Sunday I made soup which I ate most of the week and froze.  At one point I counted and I had 12 kinds of frozen soup … great, but boring.  Heck, half the time I was too lazy/busy to even make a salad, at most I would cut up some tomatoes or cucumbers and have them on the side. That was dinner most nights, or I would have some wonderful frozen item from Trader Joe’s http://www.traderjoes.com/ … but while good, it really got old.  And breakfast, well that was yogurt at my desk with a granola bar of some sort … boring! Lunch, lunch was also at my desk and something that I bought … wrap, soup, salad – good but more money and calories than needed.

So, I’ve challenged myself to try to raise the bar.  I plan to start with breakfast and dinner and move on to breaking my “walk out to grab something” lunch habit.  I know lunch will be more difficult since I am generally in the office from about 6:30 am to 6:00 pm and a 10 minute break in the middle of the day is sometimes too good to pass up.

Here are some of the initial results.

Breakfast (at my desk) – Yogurt with  ginger almond granola, raspberries, and blackberries.  Verdict?  Much better, still simple, but more satisfying.  Later that week I had cherry yogurt with dried cherries, blackberries and vanilla yogurt.

Dinner – Chicken sautéed with peppers, green pea, served with saffron pasta (from Soulard Market) in a spicy peanut sauce.  The sauce was a breeze, just some Sriracha sauce (http://www.huyfong.com/no_frames/sriracha.htm),  peanut butter, soy sauce mixed with pan juices.

Admittedly, this is just a start, but I am enjoying the challenge.  After almost two weeks of “better” breakfasts, this weekend I invested in some bowls so I am not washing out coffee cups.  Next up will be lunches …



About cookbooksandceilithe

For the past two years, I've been working more than full-time while getting my MBA. Now, that graduation has come and gone, I want to indulge in two of passions - cooking and entertaining.
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