The Cook Book Challenge: Onion Tart

Part of last weekend’s cooking included a wonderful onion tart. 

The tart was inspired by 5 pounds of Vidalia onions and the need to check another book off the list.  This cook book was Vegatables by James Peterson (  I love the concept behind the book and have tried a few recipes with good results, but struggle with the organization.  One would expect it would be organized by vegetable, but rather it is  by preparation (roasted, grilled, etc.) with some random categories (starters, sauces, etc.).  So, when faced with some great onions, I spent my time in the index.

All that said, the resulting tart was very good and would work anytime of year.  I served it at room temperature, but in the cold of winter would be a great right out of the oven.

The ingredients

3 pounds of Onions

1 deep dish pie shell

Butter (I used  mix of butter and olive oil)

2 cups of milk

4 eggs




(I also added some fresh thyme)

Saute the onions until they are a nice golden brown, not completely carmelized, but close.

While the onions are cooking, prebake the pie shell. Both of the steps can be done in advance.

Mix eggs, milk, and seasons together (at this point I should add that I had a little bit of roasted garlic goat cheese into the mixture because it was nearby, in the end I did not notice it).  Add the onions to the shell and pour the liquid into the shell.  I found I needed to gently mix the liquid and the onions.  I then added a touch of freshly ground pepper to the top of the shell.

Bake at 300 for 45 minutes until golden brown. 




About cookbooksandceilithe

For the past two years, I've been working more than full-time while getting my MBA. Now, that graduation has come and gone, I want to indulge in two of passions - cooking and entertaining.
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One Response to The Cook Book Challenge: Onion Tart

  1. kbosin says:

    Love this one – perfect mix of all the stuff I like best. Thanks Cyn, this one is going straight into my “cook this NEXT” file.

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